Judging Process - Product Related

The Judging Process is what sets the WCBDA apart from anything that exists

  • As the organisers we wanted to make the process totally independent
  • And to achieve this the judging panel is made up of an external team
  • Who have no allegiance to any one brand, so there is no conflict of interest
  • And who are professionals across the field that they operate

To make the process as pure as possible we have taken this a step further

  • The entrants to the product related awards are asked to send in two unbranded & one branded sample
  • As they enter the process they are given a unique reference number
  • Which only relates to that brand and what they will be referred to throughout
  • And only one person will have access to this data until the winners are announced
  • The one branded sample that is sent in goes through a totally separate process
  • All branded samples are sent to a Digital Marketing company – Branding and Aesthetics

Judging Process - Non Product Related

  • Nomination Process - Cut off Dates for all returned forms 1st April 2020
  • You can enter yourself for any of the categories that match your brand statement
  • World CBD Awards then sends (Most Loved Brand) nominees a banner to post across their social media
  • All other non-product categories go forward to our judging panel
  • These will be judged different to the product categories
  • The non-product categories are about application/supporting documents and certain categories through interactions across social media

Judging Process Criteria

  • The criteria for (Most Loved Brand) will be judged across social media on likes, loves, interaction & shares
  • The criteria for (All other Categories) will be judged on application and supporting documents along with an impartial judging panel
  • Live voting through a web App on the night for Best Social Media Campaign, CBD Innovation, Most Charitable.
    • The Best Social Media Campaign will be judged by our Media Partners
  • The Winners of the three categories stated above will be announced on the night... you decide!

All Samples that enter the product related categories for the nomination process will incur a £100.00 fee for third party lab testing.