What is the World CBD Awards 

The World CBD Awards is an annual event spotlighting safe, effective CBD products from all over the globe!…

The awards are designed to recognise and reward companies who

  • Go the “extra mile” to make the industry a safe and respected marketplace.
  • Operate with integrity, transparency and maintain ethical business practices.

The theme of our 2020 Awards continues to be “We can do better”. The objective is to find the ‘Best of the Best’ products and brands on a global scale via:

  • Implementing an objective and definable judging process that does not exist anywhere else across the industry.
  • De-identifying products to eliminate any direct or indirect bias of product or company.
  • Providing an independent group of judges made up of scientists, physicians, and professionals in the global CBD space.

Purpose of the ‘World CBD Awards’

Having been to many Expos across Europe and witnessing many award events

  • There is no objective and definable process behind the awarding in terms of judging criteria
  • All awards are given out on the day without any real background into the products
  • In a lot of cases, there are questionable results based on who knows the organisers of the awards presentation

We chose to move away from biased awards by

  • Implementing a process that contains objectivity and zero bias or favouritism
  • Giving vendors something to strive towards
  • Providing well-deserved recognition and reward to the brands that meet a high, professional standard

Our judging process is

  • The process is one hundred percent unbiased and objective
  • The judging panels are made up of scientists, physicians, and industry experts
  • All products are de-identified to eliminate bias or favouritism

Why are the World CBD Awards relevant?

The CBD industry is exploding in growth in a highly unregulated global market 

  • forecasted growth of 32% CAGR year on year (Compound Annual Growth Rate)
  • $20 Billion dollars over the next 5 years
  • New countries are emerging on a monthly basis

We are putting the “blueprint” in place that sets global standards through

  • having like-minded professionals all under one event
  • Using the collective years of experience and knowledge in the industry to increase standards
  • Promoting our ‘We can do better’ theme to bring awareness to our awards and our goal of increasing global standards of trade with CBD products.

“We can do better”

  • Companies and people are not making changes on their own … this is fact
  • The CBD industry must make changes NOW, in order to protect the public
  • And by working together with a global team and collaborating with like-minded industry professionals “We can do better”

Giving Something for Everyone

Stepping away from the Norm

  • We’ve all been to those events, where everyone turns up, no one knows anyone
  • Then there is the awkwardness that goes with that …
  • Then the event ends… and still no one knows anyone – Total waste of great minds!

Bringing people together

  • Create a relaxed environment where opportunity begins from the moment you arrive
  • Encourage networking by including ‘down time’ activities to bring people closer together
  • Create a platform for global partnerships and international collaborations


  • By networking and business communication, this encourages knowledge sharing
  • With a collective of ‘Industry Champions’ the knowledge and experiences are huge
  • And by all sharing, we educate each other which is where collaborations are formed