on the 12th July 2022

Networking at it's finest...

We are proud to announce we have expanded yet again, bringing you more value, contacts and global diversity. The expo has a total of 110 stands split between the sizes of 3x2m and 3x3m, this is to stop huge size differences within stands as the World CBD Awards focuses on keeping everyone on a level playing field.

We look forward to seeing you in Barcelona July 2022.

Take a look at this years exhibitors

Diverse Exhibitors

We have focused on making sure that saturation of any one market / sector is at a minimum, this is done through our floor plan delegation process.

Our expo is purely aimed towards collaborations and networking, bringing businesses from around the world together; to partner on an international level. The expo element has been added as executed correctly this can add huge value to all...

Full seed to sale representation and involvement from areas of business covering:

  • 1 Vendors
  • 2 Manufacturers
  • 3 Finance and Investors
  • 4 Retail and Distribution

And many more



The main lacking area within the industry is key education, this is why we have the right people speaking at our conference. We have many valued speakers representing the event ranging across Doctors, scientists and general industry professionals.

Each speaker will be covering different topics, covering areas such as novel foods, compliance, blockchain, distribution and industry forecasts to help you prepare for 2022 and beyond…

2019 was a massive success and 2022 is going to be even bigger, check out how you can be a part of it below…

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Stand 1 floor layout

(Stand Sizes: 3x2m)

floor layour2

Stand 2 floor layout

(Stand Sizes: 3x3m)

floor layour
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Stand Options

now find the stand that suits you

Stand 1: 3 x 2 M

Price: £3000 +VAT

Included is:

2 x Full event tickets

1 x 3x2m stand

Installed lighting

Fitted flooring

Switchboard + socket

1 x high round table

2 x stools

1 x bin

Stand 2: 3 x 3 M

Price: £4000 +VAT

Included is:

4 x Full event tickets

1 x 3x3m stand

Installed lighting

Fitted flooring

Switchboard + socket

1 x high round table

2 x stools

1 x bin

NOTE: All expo stands require branding and advertising; this will be supplied by yourself / company

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