Hannah Deacon

 Executive Director of Maple Tree Consultancy

Hannah’s son Alfie has a refractory epilepsy called PCDH19. He had his first seizure cluster at 8 months old and got progressively worse when by 2016 he was in hospital 48 times in one year and was living on 25 doses of methylprednisolone a month along with other extremely strong pharmaceuticals to try and stop his seizures. But unfortunately the doctors were just fire fighting and Alfie had no quality of life. In 2017 Hannah took Alfie and their family to live in Holland to try the whole plant CBD with THC.

The medicine worked, but they came home in February 2018, as money had run out but without knowing how to get him his medicine in the UK. 

After a hard fought four-month battle working alongside End Our Pain and the Government, Alfie’s doctor Professor Mike Barnes and his GP, was issued with the first ever personal schedule one license to prescribe medical cannabis in the UK on 19th June 2018. On this day the Home Secretary also announced the review into medical cannabis after the CMO reported favourably on the uses of medical cannabis. On 1st November 2018 the law was changed so full extract cannabis oil can be prescribed on the NHS by specialist clinicians. Alfie now has the first legal NHS prescription in the UK. The campaign which End Our Pain ran along with Hannah, played a huge role in ensuring the law was changed and we are very proud of this.

Alfie remains extremely well thanks to securing his prescription and enjoys a full and happy life. Medical Cannabis is not a cure, but it is an amazing treatment for Alfie and I continue to advocate for safe access for all who need it. I work with the Medical cannabis Clinicians society whose aim is train and support clinicians and allied health workers on the benefit of medical cannabis and I am a Director of Maple Tree Medical Cannabis Consultants.


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