TV Coverage

With the World CBD Awards being the first of its kind, what better way to capture the experience than to televise the event live on the night.

With a handpicked delegate list, and the event being televised live across multiple specialist US 420 channels, and then repeated across many other networks after the event, the sponsorship packages are designed to give you maximum exposure and launch your company or brand on a worldwide scale.

The event is being filmed by ‘World on Fire’ who are a specialist American 420 production company based in Hollywood, so we are making sure that we target the correct audiences, the initial targets being early adopters followed by emerging markets so that we spread the message globally. Together with promoting the brands that we work with the objective is also education, and with the partners and sponsors that we have on board this will create first to market opportunities.

World On Fire Bio

Based in Hollywood, World on Fire Entertainment is a pioneering entertainment company.
From films, commercials, TV, music, & everything creative. Eclectic projects include Mike’s Hard Lemonade, Advil, Nike, diverse films, mentoring upstart bands, managing talent, & much more. It’s upcoming 420 platform will utilize every aspect of world-class production, from original compelling content to celebrity interactions.

World on Fire has what it takes to bring your project to the next level. Utilizing resources across wide-ranging departments allows each team to make sure that any media, be it film, television show, commercial, broadcast, or live event, can reach its pinnacle of success.

Here at World on Fire Entertainment we believe that catering to the future is imperative. We strive towards a technologically rich tomorrow and are especially proud of our innovative nature.

We can complete your project with a distinct vision, no matter the budget. World on Fire is not just another entertainment company.

Moulded by the values of its founder, on every level we are a passionate, determined group who can take your creations to the next level!

Rickey Saum, Entertainment Industry Pro, founded World on Fire in 2011…in the music industry for over 2 decades with an extensive network in the Entertainment and production arena.

Giving of his time, Rickey is committed to people in need. This is his heart and life’s work; on an outreach program to feed the hungry.

Supporting a better quality of life and living…From Mexico to Africa to here at home, fundraising for the homeless, helping struggling families and working to support law enforcement outreach in his community.

World on Fire is here for you. We will be happy to speak with you at any time.

The World CBD Awards Needs You, JOIN US AS A VOLUNTEER!